Sara Baldari

The jewellery designer practice is motivated by the research on materials and irregular shapes. Random shapes given by nature are the main inspiration when thinking about new projects. For this reason planning her collection goes side by side with its creation. In 2013 the collection Plasmate, created at the end of her master course at the design school IED, is a serie created from the modification of strings that structure the pieces. Here Sara questions both the material and the female body, making customised jewels, such as one for the collarbone and one for the hand. Few months later, December 2013, Plasmate is published on Famo magazine, a second showcase at Creativity Oggetti in Turin, and finally, with her working in progress collection Agave, on an editorial issue on HUF magazine.At the end of the same year, anticipating the end of her studies, a new collection, Support, wins a student competition organised by IED. This experience allows Sara to partecipate to Mirrorbox 2014, an exhibition organised by Altaroma.In 2015 Sara moves to London where sets up her own laboratory. Doing so she can finish and publish Agave, February 2016. Once again the material is the starting point for the jewels making, Agave is a kind of leaf.  On the same line and with the same texture a pair of ring is created, one with female features and one ideally more masculine, Fe.Male collection.



Creativity Oggetti via Carlo Alberto 40/f Turin, Italy
t. +39 011 81 77 864
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