Behind the brand AQTO lurks the eclectic figure of Piero Acuto, musician, composer and graphic designer; we can describe him, citing Brian Eno,  an oblique strategist of expression: Piero is an artist who succeeds in using, in a nearly subliminal way, worlds and single elements only in appearance unmatchable. This stylistic code, we find, in the AQTO collection: a set of rings, bracelets, necklaces and key-holders created, even before the hands, by an attentive eye to the transforming potentialities of the objects of common use. It’s not a ‘recycling’ but a ‘recovering’ manual art (Piero uses pliers, coping saw, steel files, small drills and, sometimes, invented tools deliberately built  for a particular use); after a tightly handicraft procedure this metamorphosis of materials ends in strictly unique jewellery, mainly addressed to a male audience.

Luca Ragagnin

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