Luca Tripaldi

Luca Tripalidi was born in Turin, Italy, where he currently lives and has his studio.
After training in graphic design, he worked for ten years in theatre as a sculptor.  He then opened his ceramic studio, where he worked for ten years as a ceramicist.  Eventually, Luca blended his experiences together, in the creation of jewelry.
He produces exclusive jewelry in raw porcelain, fired to 1260◦C, applying his vast knowledge and skills. 
Through the use of graphic decals, preferring essential lines and the use of black and white, his jewels evoke creativity and attention to detail, similar to that which is typical of costume design in theatres.  He designs and processes his decors at the computer, drawing from his training as a graphic designer. 
In addition to the creation of jewelry, he conducts intensive activities as an instructor through the many workshops he holds on porcelain jewelry throughout Europe and the United States. 


Creativity Oggetti via Carlo Alberto 40/f Turin, Italy
t. +39 011 81 77 864
VAT 08256180012 - cookie


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