Carmen Scar

Carmen Scarnecchia’s (Scar) work lies somewhere between painting and ceramics, creating unique objects for the body and for different environments. Born in Puglia in 1963, she studied for a degree and PHD in Ethology, concluding at the University of Geneva, before moving to Turin where she turned her attention to painting and ceramics. She has worked under the tutorship of acclaimed artists Elisa Bona for ceramics and Marco Longo for painting. 
She produces a unique line of jewellery and accessories for Creativity by utilizing diverse materials (such as cotton, razorblades, rubber and wool) as well as producing ceramic objects. Recent works include a collection of hand painted jewellery items (oil on canvas) and an army of rabbits (called Laponi) in grés porcelain.

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Creativity Oggetti via Carlo Alberto 40/f Turin, Italy
t. +39 011 81 77 864
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