RossoRamina is an Italian Ceramic Factory which works to turn beautiful objects into useful tools. Their products include artistic collections for table dressing, furnishing and lighting. The dream is to give to the every day products a functional value together with a poetic touch.RossoRamina comes from the synergy of two young creatives, Federica Cipriani and Stefano Gambogi, “the arm” and “the hand”. All products are designed and produced directly and exclusively by RossoRamina.

Federica Cipriani (Pescia 28/07/1977)
My approach to the ceramics' art began at the meeting with Stefano Gambogi, my life and work partner, who passed on me the pleasure of creating with clay and indulging in the magic feeling of change. My life, since the young age, is linked to design and making, probably due to an uncle of mine whom I never met and because of my mother, of her passion for arts and her habit to cover the walls with paintings. I attended schools of Art that allowed me to improve this talent. First the School of Art in Lucca and then the School of Painting at the Acad- emy of Fine Arts in Florence. During this period, I learned the techniques of engraving, my greatest passion. Later on, I specialized in Graphic Art at the printing house of Franco Pistelli in Florence. A sad event took me back to Lucca where the restoration works began, three years long, working in construction sites of various cities in Italy. This experience ended up, probably with the most important work in my short career, the restora- tion of Pisa Tower. This was a “solo” and “magic” work, due to the fact it took place mainly by night. Since 2008, I'm collaborating with Stefano Gambogi.

Stefano Gambogi (Lucca 05/07/1978)
Since when I was a child, I preferred venturing into the woods and observe the many hues of the country- side instead of watching football matches.This observer's spirit led me away from numbers and grammars, and drove me to study at the Art Institute in my city first, and then at the School of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. This allowed me to join an Erasmus grant and to spend a period in southern Spain and Morocco. I got closer and closer with the colors and shapes of these countries, colors and shapes that I adopted in my sculptures and ceramics. On my return, I joined the School of Ceramics in Montelupo where I learned the techniques of pottery but where, above all, I began to create my own work. It's working at the lathe listening to the the continuous metamorphosis of shape while searching for my mind's paths.


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