Cecilia Luppi

Cecilia Luppi is born in Rome in 1985. After classical education, she attends faculty of Historical andare Artistic Sciences at University “Sapienza” of Rome. While keeping keen interest in atistic studies, she feels the need to direct and form her creative nature. She thereby applies to Jewelry Design program of European Design Institute of Rome, where she graduated in 2013. In 2014 she participates in the group show “Creativity Young” with her collection “Transdesign”. In the following two years she works on commission for private and corporate clients, focusing in parallel on her personal projects. Her project activity is never accidental: after a phase of studying, the concept materializes in a jewel that trascends its utilitarian function, establishing itself as a wearable idea. Her graceful and sophisticated taste synthesizes itself in a rafined design made up of essential and pure shapes.

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