Lupan is a member of Mutoid Waste co. since 1996; she builds sculptures, installations, costumes and accessories out of scrap metal, and other materials. Creating either on her own or within a small unit named PlanB, she holds her base in Santarcangelo di Romagna, where she assembles her works crafting it personally and entirely, the artisan's way. In Turin, she exhibited in Retroverso, 2011, event created by Susanna Maffini,; she has co-planned and team-built the installation Il Temp(i)o Metalmeccanico alla Cavallerizza Reale, per Artigiano Metropolitano, Artistic direction by Enzo Biffi Gentili, 2002; she exhibited a piece in Artieri Domani, il futuro nelle mani alle OGR, per Italia 150, celebrations of the 150th year since the Unity of Italy, by Enzo Biffi Gentili, 2011;  in collaboration with  515, she planned a modular and adaptable exhibition structure for different venues on the Jeep meets Indipendent Art summer tour 2011, and made sculptures for the event ; in 2007 she had a piece of work exhibited in Astronave Torino verso Afterville, MIAAO (Museo Internazionale delle Arti Applicate Oggi).


Creativity Oggetti via Carlo Alberto 40/f Turin, Italy
t. +39 011 81 77 864
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