Born in Faenza, after attending the Art Institute of Ceramic G. Ballardini, and after developing her skills as apprentice, then member, and finally as a teacher in different ateliers (botteghe), in 1973 Mirta Morigi opened her own, situated in the yard of the historical Palazzo Barbavara, in the centre of town.
In these last thirty years of swarming activity, the Renaissance structure of the Bottega Morigi has always been a noble place that has hosted "intelligence in the hands". Her ceramics has always represented, having been influenced by the teachings of her most illustrious guest Sir Ernst Gombrich, a happy synthesis between past and future: not a case of imitation, but of emulation of the art of the ancient makers of majolica.
Morigi's sensibility and meticulous attention to the cultivation of a project has given her the ability to bring a cross section of experiences to her craft, and to transform it into a breeding ground for new and different ideas, a workshop open to the interdisciplinary contributions brought by architects, artists, designers, poets and musicians.
Her aptitude for the critical examination regarding project design, and her ability to mold it into a final product, renders the Bottega Morigi a European model to today’s art ateliers. This new "aesthetic factory" churns out objects always characterized by their dignity and material garb, formal grace; without ever giving up her typical "lightheartedness" and conceptual irony. A production that is continually being enriched through the study of new collections, establishing ceramics as a specific "popular and illustrious" language, a border-line genre between sophistica


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