CREATIVITY CONTEST - Selected artists

22nd of March

Artist selectioned to participate in the first edition of “Creativity Contest-The Posing Jewel”.

Stefanis Alexandres, born in Greece, lives and works in St. Cloud (Florida – USA). From 1964 to 1974 he trained in byzantine art and archaic designs, which are the base of his education. In 1974 he opened his art studio in Athens. As sculptor and jewellery designer he concentrates on titanium, gold, silver and copper. In 1988 he moved to Florida (USA), where in 2007 and 2010 he received the Arts Annual Award for artists of Central Florida .

Silvia Beccaria, born in Turin in 1965, where she lives and works. After graduating in philosophy and a master’s degree in Art Therapy at the University of Turin, she started studying textile design and specialized in Fiber Art. As a fabric designer she uses hand weaving techniques, creates sculpture-dresses, contemporary jewels, tapestries and textiles for interiors. The materials used in her works are mainly wool, rubber, paper, metal and plastic.

Sofia Beilharz ,born in Filderstadt (Germany) in 1981, lives and works in Düsseldorf. She trained to become a goldsmith in Leipzig, then she graduated in Design and Applied Arts in Düsseldorf. Her jewellery have been exhibited since 2006. In her works geometry is always the starting point. Essential and linear forms pass from a two-dimensional into a three-dimensional level. This phase of passing from 2D to 3D also shows the dynamics between simplicity and complexity. The interaction of body and movement are decisive factors in the unique charm of her jewellery.

Maria Cristina Bellucci was born in Italy in 1964, she lives and works in Rome. After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome she attended goldsmith classes at the School of Ornamental Art (Rome). For several years she worked as costume designer and accessories maker creating jewellery for theater and decorating costumes and accessories for film sets before focussing on contemporary jewellery. In 2008 she attended an intensive course at the Alchimia School in Florence. She mainly works in silver, but also uses gold and other non precious materials, among them the wood of colour pencils.

Isabelle Busnel was born in France in 1965, she lives and works in London. After working for fifteen years in finance and banking, she decided to dedicate herself to jewellery design. She received the Higher National Diploma and subsequently a Master's degree in Jewellery Design at the Media & Design London Metropolitan University (Sir John Cass Department of Art). In her predominantly white creations she employs various materials like metals, powder coating, enamel, and rubber.

Clara Del Papa, born in Venezuela, is an architect, city and garden planner and interior designer. Raised in the South American artistic and cultural milieu since the ’90s she focussed in goldsmith techniques studying gemology, mounting, embossment and enamel. In her pieces she blends symbols and suggestions, flavors and smells, landscapes and far-off traditions, managing to evoke them in antique silver, gold, or bronze; often resins, soil and sands are added to the metals.

Maria Diana (Cagliari / Italy, 1973) and Sara Kirschen (Rome, 1975). Both artists live and work in Rome. "Creativity" ‘s contest: “The posing jewel 2014” is their first cooperation.

Maria Diana. After graduating in Architecture she attended workshops at contemporary artists' studios learning techniques for producing ceramics, stoneware, and high temperature porcelain. Since 1999 she has been working on contemporary jewellery design and created her own collection made of ceramic, grès, porcelain, gold and platinum lustres. In 2013 she won the “Roma - Provincia Creativa” contest. In 2014 she attended an intensive course of goldsmith’s techniquesd at the Alchimia School in Florence.

Sara Kirschen started out as sociologist. In the 90’s she discovered her real interest: the art of pottery-making and ceramics. She specialized in smoke firing techniques such as raku, naked raku, pit-fire, firing with woodchips and experimented the effects of smoke firing and lustres as well. Her pieces are made either on electric wheel, slab built or slip-casted. The shapes are simple, often minimal, but carefully orchestrated to achieve perfectly harmonious results.

Francesca Gabrielli, born in Italy in 1966, lives and works in Rome. After her high school diploma she obtained her goldsmith’s degree at the Scuola Orafa Romana where she discovered the world of antique goldsmith workshops and all its secrets. In 2004 she created the cross for the high altar in the church of Santa Maria Trastevere in Rome. Attracted by both painting and sculpture, she blends the two arts in her creations, playing with the colours of minerals and the plasticity of metals.

Lucilla Giovanninetti, born in Italy, lives and works in Milan. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities with major in Arts. In her postgraduate studies she specialized as operator in the world of fashion. Since the ’90s she has been designing contemporary bijoux and fashion accessories. Between 1992 and 2003 she created and ran the fashion brand “LUCILLA GI”, after which the EANDARE brand came to be her jewellery collection in fabric and metal (silver, brass, bronze), where materiality and lightness coexist.

Mirka Janeckova, born in the Czech Republic, lives and works in the UK. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Arts obtaining a major in Goldsmith and Jewellery. While in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) in 2011 on an artist’s residence stay she started to experiment with a new method applying traditional techniques to create her porcelain and metal jewels. Inspired by Surrealism and indigenous cultures, she concentrates - using white in her creations - the symbolic importance of unity.

Iro Kaskani, was born in Cyprus and livesand works in Nicosia (Cyprus). A degree in Architecture she received in Florence, where she also studied Jewellery-Design and -Manifacturing. Shape, sculpture and equilibrium are the basis of her research where she explores the concept of space combining precious materials with others that are not. In 2007 she inaugurated her own atelier/showroom called “The space in between”.

Erato Kouloubi, lives and works in Athens, where she was born in 1976. She graduated in Jewellery Design at the Mokume in Athens, attended glass-working seminars at London’s St. Martin’s College and chemical colouring and patination of metals at Camberwell College of Arts. Designing jewellery assembled in abstract shapes thus creating multiple viewpoints she is inspired by avantgarde Cubism and Constructivism. In the historical center of Athens she opened an alternative studio/space: “Popeye Loves Olive”, dedicated to tattoos and contemporary jewels.

Mia (Eunmi) Knon, born in Seoul (South Korea) in 1976, lives and works in Berlin. She received a degree in Ceramic Craft from the Department of Architecture and Design of Kookim-University in Seoul. She deepened her knowledge of porcelain-making studying at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts & Design in Halle(Germany) and then obtained a Master’s degree from FHP University of Applied Science in Postdam (Germany). Her mission is making porcelain wearable. In her work minimalistic shapes frequently are linked with her use of white where the preciousness of porcelain dialogues with the dynamics of the fabric.

Salome Lippuner, born in Switzerland in 1956, lives and works in Twann (Switzerland). She studied Jewellery at the School of Applied Arts in Zurich. In 1988 she discovered the Japanese art of lacquering Urushi through Silvia Miklin-Kniefacz in Vienna and Mashu Takubo in Vienna and Tokyo. In 2002 she went to Japan for the first time only to return several times: in 2004 she learned the techniques of Wajima-nuri lacquer from Master Masaaki Ooe, and Maki-lacquering from Master Toshio Ebata. Her jewellery combines creative freedom and the unique features of brilliant surface, warmth and endurance of these ancient Japanese lacquering techniques.

Victoria Münzker, born in Bratislava (Slovakia) in 1978, lives and works in Vienna. She studied Jewellery and Metals at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Since 2004 her jewellery has been present at many international exhibitions. Nature’s perfect shapes and the beauty of the material are for her a constant source of inspiration. Animal, plant and mineral world converge in a common space where the artist frees her phantasy and lets the subconscious emerge. Her hands form autonomous shapes that are not the mimesis of inspired them, rather new shapes of corals, lichens and see shells embellished by feelings, dreams, fears and wishes.

Irene Palomar, born in Argentina, lives and works in Buenos Aires. After a thirty-year professional career as a land surveyor, she devoted in 2007 herself entirely to contemporary jewellery. She took private lessons from Flor Fiszman, Mabel Pena, Francine Schloeth, and Antonio Pujia. In 2009 and 2012, she attended Eugen Steier’s and Walter Chen’s workshops in Barcelona. She experiences the creation of her pieces as intimate moments of expressing feelings and emotions.

Jelka Quintelier, Belgium-born, lives and works in London. She trained in Design and her jewels are a fusion of fashion, sculpture and style. Her approach is observing the concept of adornment with a more open view. Transformation is at the root of her vision so her creations also contain elements of everyday life. In the “Black Lune” collection she uses EPDM-rubber (Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer), an unconventional and very durable material. Digital drawings are laser cut, which renders  her pieces particularly wearable and at the same time aesthetically unique.

Giulia Savino, born in Vercelli (Italy) in 1987, lives and works in Cairo. After graduating in Fashion and Design from the Politecnico in Milan, she attended the three year jewellery program under Peter Bauhuis and Ruudt Peters at the Alchimia School in Florence. In her creations she amalgamates iron, plastic, and aluminum mostly with silver. She also uses wood (olive, sandal) and other new materials such as foam rubber. Since 2012 she has been working as assistant designer and member of the teaching staff at the Azza Fahmy Design Studio in Cairo.

Chiara Scarpitti, born in Italy, lives and works in Naples. After graduating in Industrial Design at the SUN – Second University of Naples, she subsequently received the Master’s degree in Fashion Design from the Politecnico in Milan. Specializing in contemporary Jewellery and Products she experiments in her work with possible and impossible solutions blending philosophy and poetry which underlie each piece. Her projects reflect multidisciplinary aspects of our times: her work is a crossfertilization of traditional handicraft and contemporary production techniques and materials, both digital and handmade.

Camilla Teglio, born in Genoa in 1977, lives and works in Sori (Genoa). After a degree in Political Sciences and a professional experience in Business and Marketing, she studied for three years at the Alchimia School in Florence specializing in Contemporary Jewellery. The peculiarity of her work involves the search for patterns and texture. In creating her pieces she employs different materials and techniques in a process of layering and overlapping. Her collection of Japanese papers, in particular recalling Ukiyoe, arises by the association of colors, papers, and surfaces, where all the elements seem to be on the search for a shape. The work proceeds layer after layer, ending when the artist feels having reached the right balance between colour, dimension, shape and body.

Luca Tripaldi, born in Turin in 1969, where he lives and has his own studio/workshop. After training in Graphic Design, he worked for ten years as sculptor for several theatres. Following that he set up his workshop and for another decade, working as a ceramicist. Indeed all his work reflects the previous experiences and training. He produces jewellery exclusively in unglazed porcelain fired to 1260◦C. Predominantly using essential lines and black and white, his works recall creativity and attention to detail, typical of designing theatre costumes. He often designs and processes his decors on the computer using graphic decals.

Barbara Uderzo, born in Vicenza (Italy) in 1965, lives and works in Creazzo (Vicenza) and Milan. She graduated in Painting from the School of Fine Arts in Venice. In 1990 she attended the first course in Production Assistant and Goldsmith Design at the School of Arts and Crafts in Vicenza, which were followed by gemology, computer design, lost-wax casting and wax modelling of jewels. Her jewels are the result of research and experimentation, a combination of precious materials with wood, plastic paper, wax, but also with edible products such as sugar, gummy candies, chocolate, and ice. Her interest also dwells on creating ephemeral objects in which the conceptual part of the work is the foundation, playfully and ironically she highlights the passage of the project and the user’s reaction. In 2010 she opened her “the blob house”- studio in Milan.

Violaine Ulmer, was born in France. She lives and works in Toulouse. After her studies at the University of Plastic Arts, she was attracted by contemporary jewellery, pursuing her own personal quest she considers the jewel a sculptured piece. The effects of light and transparency become important elements of the dialogue between shape and space. From this perspective which combines art-fashion-design she created the so-called “objewels”, namely objects-sculpture-jewels. If, on the one hand, the balance between fantasy and sobriety is part of her quest, on the other hand, the source of her inspiration comes mainly from natural and architectural elements, industrial design, fashion and pictorial art as well.



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