CREATIVITY CONTEST-Save the date 2014

The contest and the exhibition “Creativity Contest - the posing jewel” will be held from October 3rd to November 15th; the inauguration will take place at Creativity Oggetti new venue – Via Carlo Alberto 40/f – TURIN, on October 3rd from 6.00 p.m. 

Creativity and research dedicated to the Applied Arts are the most important features at Creativity Oggetti.

I opened the gallery in Turin in 2001, after having worked in Business & Marketing within the fashion industry. The promotion of, mainly unknown, artworks and my relationships with artists and the public have been of great inspiration to my professional and personal growth.

In close co-operation with artists and designers whom I have hosted at the gallery, we developed the concept of small themed exhibitions. These have resulted in the creation of either single works of art or entire collections. Indeed, they have been a refreshing way to set in motion a flow of creativity. Resulting in the presentation of unique and inspirational pieces.

In order to give voice to those who research and dedicate their entire lives to seeking for their own individual artistic styles and with the idea of taking an international outlook I created a contest entitled ‘The Contemporary/Posing Jewel’.

I liked the idea of launching an event involving close dialogue between many artists from different backgrounds, training and origins. Twenty-three artists and designers will each be presenting their own creations.

“The Posing Jewel” intends to be a playful showcase giving participants and visitors the opportunity to share and express their opinions thus transforming the gallery into a place and space of comparison and dialogue. Votes and purchases make up the contest, first prize is a professional photo shoot. The photographer will be acting, not only as the jewels' visual interpreter, but also, as an expert able to capture and enhance the artworks special features.

Aesthetic research and experimentation of materials simultaneously proceed in this journey through emotions involved in creating and wearing.

Susanna Maffini Masera


Creativity Oggetti via Carlo Alberto 40/f Turin, Italy
t. +39 011 81 77 864
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