Contest 2016/2017 - Creativity Oggetti

1st Prize Anna Król

Award motivation:
For succeeding in creating an object masterfully balanced between solids and voids spaces. 
For the gentle play of the surfaces, that chase each other in a perfect hide-and-seek across the lace, the pierced metal and the black ceramic insert in an impeccable dialogue. 
For the amazing goldsmith's art and the clear and seductive wearability.

ph Federica Cioccoloni

Photos Delivered by Anna Król >>

“Creativity Contest – The Posing Jewel”

 Inauguration: Saturday, May 13th, 16:30 - 19:30


A cura di /Curated by Creativity Oggetti di Susanna Maffini
Fotografie di/Photographs by Federica Cioccoloni
Progetto grafico/Layout Barbara Sales Catalogo
con testi di/Catalog with texts by Paola Stroppiana - Susanna Maffini
Floral Designer Valentina Claudi
Traduzioni/Translate K&K

For the second edition of Creativity’s Contest,
the precious collaboration with photographer Federica Cioccoloni

CREATIVITY CONTEST-Il gioiello si mette in posa
Concorso Internazionale- II edizione

Anello-scultura nello spazio
Deadline 15 luglio 2016