1st Prize ANNA KRÓL

1st Prize Anna Król

Award motivation:
For succeeding in creating an object masterfully balanced between solids and voids spaces. 
For the gentle play of the surfaces, that chase each other in a perfect hide-and-seek across the lace, the pierced metal and the black ceramic insert in an impeccable dialogue. 
For the amazing goldsmith's art and the clear and seductive wearability.

1st Prize:

- A photo shoot in still life of a whole collection (maximum 10 pieces) made at the studio and professionally post-produced. The pieces of the collection to be photographed will be agreed with the winner, who can attend the photo shoot according to his/her availability. The photos will be delivered in high-resolution print and in digital version optimized for the web.  ph Federica Cioccoloni.

Creativity oggetti Project

Photo Federica Cioccoloni

Barbara Sales

Catalog with texts Paola Stroppiana 

Floral Designer Valentina Claudi

Jury : Daniela Bulgarelli, Enrico Debandi, Ludovica Gallo Orsi, Antonella Giani, Nichka  Marobin


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