Inauguration on Thursday, October 26th
From 6pm to 8pm

Creativity Oggetti presents  Cube – Compressed, from October 26th to November 25th in Turin: the last stop of a traveling project that has been presented in Faenza, Torgiano and Rome, the Italian capitals of ceramics, over the year.

Created by Evando Gabrieli and Rosana Antonelli, founders of the Rome based Cultural Association Keramos (Associazione Culturale Keramos), this collective art exhibit invites 24 artists to interpret the same subject: a 20x20cm/ 7.8x7.8in CUBE. In the perfect form of a cube, in its apparent simplicity there is an endless space to tell stories:
alike, different and compressed. To express ourselves within the exact size of a cube is definitely a constraint, and it well sums up the feeling we all go or have gone through and that the creative act frees us from without any doubt.
As Domenico Iaracà underlines on the catalog: “The cube form with its all alike sides and its geometric characteristics is the simplest and most stylised transposition of the Earth we can find. In conclusion, it is a microcosm that reflects the more complex and infinitely larger environment we live in.” In fact, the cube, the chosen volume of expression made it possible to appreciate the great diversity of the creative choices of these selected artists: Narciso Bresciani, Enrica Campi, Eraldo Chiucchiù, Elisa Confortini, Terry Davies, Mirco Denicolò, Giorgio Di Palma, Alfredo Gioventù, Silvia Granata, Sara Kirschen, Rita Miranda, Roberta Oppedisano, Sabine Pagliarulo, Fiorenza Pancino, Bianca Piva, Karin Putsch - Grassi, Attilio Quintili, Mara Ruzza, Gabriella Sacchi, Laura Scopa, Antonio Taschini, Terrapintada, Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli, Demetriou Vassos.. For this last stop, Rosana Antonelli and Evandro Gabrieli will also show their own interpretations of the cube thus enriching the exhibit with two more works.  Cube – Compressed brings the attention back to the endless interpretations of space, matter and spirit. 

On this occasion, the new works by Enrica Campi and Evandro Gabrieli will also be displayed.
Besides being part of the exhibit with her Cube interpretation, Turin artist Enrica Campi  presents “Go where your legs take you”. 
So far Enrica has mainly focused on the representation of female busts and faces, emphasizing her characters’ looks and expressions. Completely upsetting her own point of view, she has now decided to focus on the lower part of the female body, that is to say: the legs. This choice comes from her will to tell about our body’s intelligence and it aims to designate our legs as the primitive instrument of knowledge and consequently, of ourselves.
It is through the paths we undertook that we learned to relate to our limits, both physical and mental, and at the same time, to push ourselves beyond what once we believed impossible to overcome.
Our legs allow us to dance, jump, kick or run towards what we would like to never leave.
Many paths and many stories to tell, all different and yet supported by our legs.

After a songwriter past, many years ago Evandro Gabrieli   discovered his passion for ceramics as an artistic creation till turning it into a whole expressive medium. Here he presents some examples of his search paths like Tube Flowers, based on the observation of the botany (this work that took part to the XXXVII International Ceramics Competition in L’Alcora Cica in 2017) and some samples of his more recent research inspired to the retro lines of the very first TV sets to recover through ceramics the aesthetic pleasure that unfortunately modern TV sets, with their ultra thin screens, prefer to hide instead of showing off, leaving all the surrounding space to the represented image. Like in a curious - but not random - game of mirrors, this is exactly the ceramics metaphor where functionality turns into  sculpture.
For the past 16 years, Creativity Oggetti has been putting a spotlight on art makers and designers who devote their lives to create handmade masterpieces and define their personal artistic language making of the Gallery an open window on new artistic proposals of contemporary ceramics. Here you will only find masterpieces, unique works, sculptures, in short the unique uniqueness as only the Art of these recent years has created poignant objects defined by quality, experimentation and innovation. Creativity and research are the main traits   of our proposals and in these past years, the tight collaboration with the artists you can find in our gallery has made it possible to organize themed exhibits that have allowed the creation of unique works and whole collections. 

The Cultural Association Keramos is the logistic and operational headquarters of the CiE – Ceramica in Espansione (Ceramics in Expansion) project born in Rome with the aim of spreading the culture and the art knowledge of ceramics – contemporary and non, the current techniques and the main artists through cultural events, exhibitions, workshops and courses. Born in 2011, Keramos is young but its calendar lists already many exhibits and annual gatherings with important international artists.

Inaugurazione hours: 
Thursday, October 26th 2017 from 6pm to 8:00pm
Exhibit of the Cube – Compressed catalog.

Inauguration on Thursday, October 26th
From 6pm to 8pm


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