Hand made – made in Italy

Creativity Oggetti presents five new collections,
gathered under the ironically sewn label Hand made – made in Italy.

Hand made – made in Italy
From 14 May at16 July
curated by Creativity Oggetti

Riding the wave of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, the chosen theme for the Milan Expo 2015, Creativity presents – for its second edition – five new collections, gathered under the ironically sewn label Hand made – made in Italy. New creations celebrating origin and life: the fruits of the earth as source of life force and nourishment for the planet. a visual nourishment, which presents itself as a gallery of jewellery and sculptures characterized by the “natural” element.

With Silvia Beccaria, TuttiFrutti come to life: the ruffs worn in the 16th century are revisited as a tribute to life. The ancient object returns revisited to enhance the variety of fruits, where nature and shape create colors and beauties.

Natural shapes to wear are also the SUCCULENT* rings, the wooden sculpture rings by Barbara Uderzo, containing earth and little succulents, to be watered every once in a while with a droplet of water. The succulents offer an aspect of participation of the owner in the vital process of the work, in which taking care of the plant grafted into the ring transforms the latter into a living work. *succulent: [‘succulento = a. succulento, succoso. s. fat plant.

The symbolic shapes of Mirta Morigi’s bowls represent the connection between nourishment and life. The golden brightness of Earth’s Navels by Morigi finds expression in their concave shapes, which lend themselves also to being moons , supervising with their cycle the Earth to sprout, to reproduce.

Vegetables, on the other hand, are the common denominator of Enrica Campi’s and Massimo Voghera’s sculptures. The LuckyWoman with hot peppers and the feminine busts with vegetables entitled Ministre di Verdura by Enrica Campi will dialogue with Massimo Voghera’s characters, born of the Italian puns connecting the words “testa or zucca” (head or pumpkin) to the world of vegetables: Testa di Rapa (Turnip Head = bonehead), Zucca Vuota (Empty Pumpkin/Head), Teste d’Aglio (Garlic Heads), Sale in Zucca (Salt in the Pumpkin/Head)… On the one hand the female figure, symbol of the origin of life, is presented here as a bearer of food and nourishment, in which the food worn becomes a decorative element, on the other, the heads of Voghera constitute an interesting homage to the old advertising posters of the nineteenth century, in which fruit or vegetables were transformed into caricatures. A fun game, with expressions between melancholy and incredulous.

The common denominator of all of the works and the diverse forms of applied art in this exhibition is that they are all made by hand: therefore Made in Italy reflects the true meaning of the words, i. e. made by hand by Italian artists.

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