Creativity Oggetti introduces “The jewel poses”
In collaboration with ARTISTAR Jewels

Saturday June 1st  from 4 pm to 8 pm

A photo shoot  curated by Federica Cioccoloni will be set up at Creativity, a moment when the visitors
will have the chance to wear some of the jewels on show and be captured  on cameras.

Italian and foreign jewels will meet in Turin’s Concept Store in Via Carlo Alberto 40/f, to be worn and photographed during the photo shoot that will be set up,  Saturday June 1st from 4 pm to 8 pm, when the exhibition visitors will have the possibility to try on some of the exhibited jewels and be captured on cameras.
An amusing way to interact with the non-conventional  artworks realized by 24 authors present in Turin for the first time and selected among the participants  in “Artistar Jewels 2019”:
Aileen Gray,  Ana Margarida Carvalho,   Andreia Popescu, Anna Maria Pitt,  Anna Zeibig, Bárbara Laso Fernández,  Carlo Lucidi,  Elena Franceschetti,  Elizabeth Jane Campbell, Kate Lozynina, Letizia Maggio,  Maria Kerrn-Jespersen,  May Gañán, Michelle Lowe-Holder, Michelle Lung, Morena Fregonese,  Natalia Lubienicka, Petra Mohylova,  Rachel Reilly,  Sara Leme,  Sara Zaghetto,  Sarah Christian, Sui Ling Wang, Sunset Yogurt
Creativity proposes a selection of contemporary jewels from all over the world, true works of art to be worn, whose variety of materials and diversity of making has distinguished the gallery and so attracted the attention of its habitual visitors.

The path already undertaken by the Concept Store over the last years, gives the possibility  to place the jewel into context by showing the public its “lived” part, its everyday use. The jewel is conceived not only as something unrelated to us or to  flaunt at special events, but as an easily usable object.  Nothing commercial or predictable, but a unique and personal handmade  object which enriches and tells about the personality of those who wear it, and for this reason, timeless. All we have to do is being able to find what suits us. Every piece that becomes part of our lives must be loved and desired, as something that completes us.  The contemporary jewel is a handmade object often realized with materials not related to traditional jewelry, it’s an object-sculpture that redefines space and turns into a jewel the moment it is worn.

The photo shoot will be curated by  Federica Cioccoloni, a Roman photographer specialized in still life pictures, who has been collaborating with Creativity for years.

For those who like an extra touch, “Alliysia Emporio Botanico” will take care of the make-up with bio-organic products.
The photo shoot images will be given in web format to all the visitors that will pose to be photographed.

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