Creativity presents from Saturday 24 October
a collective exhibition; THE OXYMOR theme which is interpreted in a unique way

Rita Martinez, Valeria Rossini, Giorgia Tasca, Mariagiulia Trento

An oxymoron is the deliberate juxtaposing of contradictory words. From Greek oksýs, meaning “sharp” and mōrós, meaning “foolish”.
For this project, each author develops her own jewelry collection by interpreting an oxymoron, a source of inspiration.
The exhibition is welcomed by a wunderkammer created ad hoc in the Creativity “gallery”

Rita Martinez – Divine hell
In her introspective work, Rita tries to represent the dark side, ‘Secretum’ of the deep with primary images, demonic archetypes, however without a Manichean approach. She simply sees it as an acceptable part of our existence. Thanks to the mediation of feeling, the dark lights up, leaves the unsolved, mixes the material, associates elements and takes light and form: it lives its divine moment.

Valeria Rossini – Cheap Diamond
“Cheap” is not necessarily synonymous with“ ugly ”. Valeria Rossini develops this thesis by creating reproductions of haute couture jewels and replacing precious stones with poor materials: pieces of glass, metal casts, quartz crystals, stones, arriving at a sumptuous and ironic result.

Amàlgama Jewels by Giorgia Tasca– Bold Vulnerability
Coronata Collection
The exploration of a contemporary vision of love and the georgian’s “lover’s eye” jewelry tradition. The collection is developed on the refusal of the antiquated idea that strength and bravery come from withholding emotions, but instead, sustains these qualities are only gained by being open and true to oneself. It is in being boldly vulnerable regardless of the odds of winning, that one is truly strong. The afterlife has no crowns set aside for those who have never been broken.

Novitas Jewellery by Mariagiulia Trento – Live Death
In a natural state, death is not the negation of life, but its consequence. What is alive by definition must someday die, transform and feed the surrounding life. Mankind, who has separated itself from nature, has always feared death, both as individuals that as a species, seeing it as an ultimate end.
Life would go on nevertheless, changing and evolving, as it has been during the five mass extinction events that our planet has already lived through or in places left abandoned that get reclaimed by nature, repopulated by animals and plants.

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