TRANSIT-Jewelry from around the world


Italian and foreign jewels meet at Creativity Oggetti 

from 10 april at 21 May

Leaving evidence of their passage by way of the photo shooting which will be set up on the opening day, Sunday April 10th 2016, from 4:30 pm until 7:30 pm. In this occasion, visitors attending the exhibition will be able to wear some of the exhibited jewelry and be "immortalized".

Creativity Oggetti presents “Transit – Jewelry from around the world”.
Italian and foreign jewelry meet in the Turin gallery in Via Carlo Alberto 40/f from April 10th – May 21st, leaving evidence of their passage by way of the photo shooting which will be set up on the opening day, Sunday April 10th 2016, from 4:30 pm until 7:30 pm. In this occasion, visitors attending the exhibition will be able to wear some of the exhibited jewelry and be "immortalized".
Interacting in an entertaining way with works of un-conventional jewelry coming from different parts of the world: Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Greece, Israel, Russia, Corea, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile. Unconventional jewels.

Our ongoing research for innovation and excellence, also abroad, has led us to integrate artists who are present for the first time, like Gili Doliner, Nicolas Estrada, Christine Jalio, Olivia Monti Arduini, Patricio Parada, Nicole Schuster, Niki Stylianou, Artemis Valsamaki, Ksenia Vokhmentseva, Cristina Zani, but not only.

The exhibition will also highlight new pieces created by Sofia Beilharz, Isabelle Busnel, Clara del Papa, Salome Lippuner, Mia Kwon, artists already hosted by Creativity,
whereas the Italians Myriam B and Carmen Scar will present new collections that have been selected for the LOOT 2016: MAD About Jewelry show, which will take place at the Museum of Modern Arts and Design in New York.

Paola Volpi, in collaboration with Nahye Ko, will exhibit at the “21st Century. Design After Design” - XXI Esposizione Internazionale della Triennale di Milano, from April 2nd 2016.

Over the past few years, Creativity has increasingly oriented its research towards new languages, in line with current trends, at an international level. A research geared on identifying emotional objects defined by quality, experimentation and innovation. Exhibited are high level works where the jewel becomes the protagonist: sculpture- objects distinguished by full and concurrently fine volumes, enhanced by colors and transparencies. Resins, silicone, porcelain, silver, lacquers, metal meshes and wood are the materials that give life to these fashion jewels. The contemporary jewel is an artifact often made with materials not bound to traditional jewelry making. It is a sculpture object which re-defines the surrounding space and becomes a jewel when it is being worn.  The pictures of the photo shooting will be made by the photographer Elisa Perotti and will be given as a present in web-format to those who want to be portrayed. The exhibition will show actual collections, on display and for sale. Thanks to many years of experience, today we want to be a point of reference in terms of avant-garde contemporary jewellery.

Born in Milan, adopted by Rome. Her activity can be described as a creative, intimate and instinctive journey, so much so that it is hard to place her in a specific sector. In the world of fashion she designed and produced body ornaments with the Myriam B. brand. Various manufacturing techniques allow her to assimilate and transform different materials every time. In her work she transforms and elaborates shapes and materials trying to maintain always a particular expressiveness and craftsmanship. Her trademarks are both a refined style and a an on going study for quality materials. She works through object and ordinary, natural and ancient material alienation. Often using fabrics together with raw hard stones, old and burnt reallocated laces, cellulose Triacetate, recycled materials. A constant material transformation oriented to the realization of unique objects, free from all constrains, unbound by time and fashion. 

Born in Filderstadt (Germany) in 1981, lives and works in Düsseldorf. She trained to become a goldsmith in Leipzig, then she graduated in Design and Applied Arts in Düsseldorf. Her jewellery have been exhibited since 2006. In her works geometry is always the starting point. This phase of passing from 2D to 3D also shows the dynamics between simplicity and complexity. In this phase of transition from one dimension to another, the dynamics of simplicity and complexity also come into play. The interaction of body and movement are decisive factors in the unique charm of her jewellery.

ISABELLE BUSNEL was born in France in 1965, she lives and works in London. After working for fifteen years in finance and banking, she decided to dedicate herself to jewellery design. She received the Higher National Diploma and subsequently a Master's degree in Jewellery Design at the Media & Design London Metropolitan University (Sir John Cass Department of Art). In her predominantly white creations she employs various materials like metals, powder coating, enamel, and rubber.

Born in Venezuela. Architect, urban planner, interior and garden designer, she grew up and trained in South American artistic and cultural circles. Since the 1990s she has specialized in goldsmith working techniques, studying gemology, embossing, setting, enamels. Symbols and suggestions, tastes and smells, distant landscapes and traditions coexist in his creations, re-imagined in antique silver, gold, bronze which are integrated with resins, earths, sands.

Born in 1983 in Haifa (Israel), where she studied at the Department of Jewellery Design at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat-Gat. Presently she lives and works in Berlin. For Gili Dolier an object is never only an object, it is the symbol of a moment, of an emotion. Life is a collection of memories, people, places, colours and flavours. Creating jewellery is her way of collecting and documenting experiences. Each piece is influenced by another piece and together they create a one of a kind collection. Words like “movement”, “trasmission” and “secrets” are the main source of inspiration for her work.

Born in Medellin (Colombia) in 1972. He studied goldsmith techniques at the Massana School and at the Art and Trade School in Barcelona, where he has been living and working since 2000. All of Nicolas Estrada's work reveals a recurring reflection relating to the period of great social conflict in which the artist grew up. He creates unique pieces, blending subtle irony with a remarkable knowingness. In his studio, Amarillo Joyas, Nicolas creates objects which establish a unique bond with whoever wears them. By way of depicting images like a sad soldier, dreaming and faintly pulsating hearts, virgins full of bitterness, each of his pieces introduces the observer to a story.

Born in 1978 in Helsinki (Finland), where she lives and works. Graduated in Art and Crafts, Jewellery Design at the Design Department of Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Fascinated by the human psyche, emotions are the starting point in her work. She studies the duration of human life, with its transitions, choices and turning points. Her objects are primarily made in silver and brass, combined with traditional jewellery techniques. Recently she exhibited her work at the “Munich Jewellery Week 2016”.

Born in Switzerland in 1956, lives and works in Twann (Switzerland). She studied Jewellery at the School of Applied Arts in Zurich. In 1988 she discovered the Japanese art of lacquering Urushi through Silvia Miklin-Kniefacz in Vienna and Mashu Takubo in Vienna and Tokyo. In 2002 she went to Japan for the first time only to return several times: in 2004 she learned the techniques of Wajima-nuri lacquer from Master Masaaki Ooe, and Maki-lacquering from Master Toshio Ebata. Her jewellery combines creative freedom and the unique features of brilliant surface, warmth and endurance of these ancient Japanese lacquering techniques.

Born in Seoul (South Korea) in 1976, lives and works in Berlin. She received a degree in Ceramic Craft from the Department of Architecture and Design of Kookim-University in Seoul. She deepened her knowledge of porcelain-making studying at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts & Design in Halle(Germany) and then obtained a Master’s degree from FHP University of Applied Science in Postdam (Germany). Her mission is making porcelain wearable. In her work minimalistic shapes frequently are linked with her use of white where the preciousness of porcelain dialogues with the dynamics of the fabric.

Born in Milan in 1975, she works and lives between Madrid and Rome. In 2001 she graduated in Sculpture at the famous St. Martin’s School of Art in London. Subsequently, her passion for ceramics brought her to search for a new approach towards traditional techniques. Porcelain has become her material of choice for its beauty and its intrinsic value of elegance and delicacy. She uses the weaves of antique armors in which the porcelain with a satin finish acquires fluidity and adapts to the shape of the body. Recently she has participated in the “White Exhibition” in Bruxelles.

Born in Valparaiso (Chile) in 1971, he lives and works in Milan. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Viña del Mar. In 1992 he started his studies of traditional and experimental jewellery techniques at Valparaiso's Laboratorio Experimental 410. In 2004 he came to Italy and, thanks to a scholarship from the Politecnico del Commercio (CAPAC) of Milan, he deepened his skills in the gold- and silversmith's crafts. In 2006 he opened his own workshop and began creating unique pieces on demand and collaborating with contemporary jewellery galleries. Since 2009 he also produces design objects: lamps (“sculptures of light”)  and table decorations. He uses a particular manufacturing technique which allows him to engrave and “embroider” metals. His research is oriented towards shapes, volumes and organic lines. His materials of choice are gold, silver, bronze and enamels.

Carmela Scarnecchia a.k.a carmen scar , is an Italian designer based in Turin. Carmen is a biologist and holds a PhD in Chemistry. She discovered arts and craft a decade ago and studied painting with Marco Longo and ceramics with Elisa Bona. After experimenting with painted garments, she realized she liked the jewels represented in ancient portraits and thus started the project “Pittura a Porter”, trompe l’oeil jewels painted on canvas, that could be found in a modern portrait , inspired by the creations of “Grand Maison”. Carmen scar’s jewels are artistic pieces that are exhibited in public whenever the owner wears them.

Born in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) in 1981, since 2012 she lives in Munich. In 2008 she graduated as jewellery designer in Jewellery & Objects of Everyday Culture at the School of Design Pforzheim University. In her work she takes inspiration from the relationship between architecture and nature, from geometrical constructions and organic shapes, paying close attention to growth and change. As a 21st century goldsmith, she combines craftsmanship with the use of instruments of virtual creation as enriching elements for developing complex forms and materials. She uses oxidized silver, sometimes combined with gold, precious stones or plastic. The rings, symbol of her approach, present themselves as real sculptures.

Born in 1968 in Athens (Greece), where she lives and works. In 1994 she graduated at the Royal College of Art, School of Architecture and Interior Design in London. She worked for several years in London as an architect and designer and indeed her multidisciplinary projects place themselves between art and architecture. In 1999 she was commissioned to carry out a multimedia installation for the Victoria and Albert Museum. In 2001 she returned to Greece and since 2004 she works as an artist and jewellery designer/maker. Her research is characterized by creating order from chaos. In her work she tries to re-define the “kosmos”, which in Greek means jewel or ornament and also the “doing” in the true sense of the word. She deconstructs and reassembles elements like a 3D puzzle.

Born in 1978 in Athens (Greece), where she lives and works. She graduated in 2002 at the Mokume Silversmithing and Jewellery Design School in Greece. Her work draws inspiration from the ability of the human mind to generate thoughts, ideas and myths, which can conform to reality - or not. Artemis Valsamaki finds herself between sculpturing and design, stories and meanings, visual suggestions and colours, each time expressing a different object. She works primarily with silver, copper and other materials like precious stones and wood.

Born in 1979 in Siberia (Russia), where she lives and works. She graduated at the Design Faculty of the Ural College of Arts and after having worked as a designer at an advertisement company she became the manager of the family's firm. Subsequently, she chose to create jewellery. After researching and experimenting with different materials, since years she creates jewellery and furnishing objects, giving life to forms and volumes by using the crochet technique with recycled metal wire. She manages to transform a simple material like a wire into an extravagant object, and each one of them contains the reflection of an outside world reverberating from inside.

In Paola Volpi’s work materials are put into a new context, by transforming chain produced industrial materials into unique and precious costume jewelry. For instance the necklace “Alga”, one of the biggest successes in terms of international sales distribution, sold at the MOMA gift store in New York, is made out of treated machine oil filters, making it into a fluid, shiny mesh, and then decorated with pearls. With her individual approach, always searching for unusual materials, forms and combinations, Paola Volpi was able to carve out for herself an unique position in the world wide panorama of costume jewelry.

Born in Italy in 1968. In 2012 she received her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Jewellery at the Edinburgh College of Art in the UK, where she lives at present. Her work mirrors her interest in literature, semiotics, travels, architecture, colours, textures and materials. Inspired by Italo Calvino's “The Invisible Cities”, her collection is a reflection on urban environments and on the concept of invisibility. She approaches the creation of a piece of jewellery like telling a story. During the design phase she tries to involve the public in a process of personal narration, where the object becomes an instrument through which one's own feelings and memories are explored.

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