Alfredo Gioventù – Ceramic factory

The sea, the tireless drop of water, the wind, which can wait, which are not forced – like man – to hurry, ensure the bodies they caress and wear out, the purest profile, even the poorest, but the only one that is really necessary. In this long acquiescence, in this extreme misery, one of the conceivable forms of perfection is undoubtedly concealed.
(Roger Caillois “Pietre”)

Their colour, the material and their white stripes, these objects look like bowls abandoned by the sea on the Ligurian beach. A hollow bowl or vase, with a fine surface, light not withstanding  their heavy stone-like appearance, these objects created by the sculptor Alfredo Gioventù are produced at the Opificio Ceramico in Sestri Levante.
The “stones” are made from gres porcelain.

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