Amaaro! – Ceramics

Amaaro! is a design and making laboratory of majolicaware born from the meeting of a painter and an architect in 2011.
The dialogue between the two different creative languages ​​has given rise to a forge of ideas in continuous evolution, which takes its cue from the tradition and the different languages ​​of visual communication.
The ideas go from the modeled to the plaster mold, from the mold to the composition and realization in earth that is baked and glazed.
The non-academic training and the instinctive approach to ceramic material allow free access to tradition which translates into creative possibility.
Collections are thought like thematic groups of objects upon which work of research and investigation is focused; they are limited editions, numbered and classified each and every time.
The objects thus conceived are made entirely by hand in a laboratory obtained in an old farmhouse in the countryside of Reggio Emilia.

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