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We believe that time is the most precious resource and there is time for everything: time to think and time to do.
We tell the story of manual work as an Art of Innovation, ancient techniques turned into a contemporary language; the story of proud craftsmen,curious about everything ambiguous, the search for a different sense of time, the need to do, at best with skill.
The Quintessenza line of fabrics was born from the collaboration between Arcolaio and Studio Elica di pastore e Bovina
“When art meets high Italian craftsmanship, the Quintessence of beauty is born”. With these words the creators of the new brand – the company Arcolaio and Elica Studio di Pastore and Bovina – explain the beginning of their collaboration. From this union comes a collection of jacquard textiles for the home, in linen and cotton, digitally printed, with roses, agaves and pomegranates as protagonists; fast darting fish, octopuses and whales, polka dot cats and dogs; placid jellyfish floating in an indefinite and timeless space. Thus the furnishing accessory becomes the protagonist of the interior.

In the images decorative objects and of use make up the still lifes taken from the photographic eye of Federica Cioccoloni, the shots are made in collaboration with Creativity Objects for the editorial project CREATIVITY LIVING

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