Freaklab – Antonio Sunseri

Freaklab is a contemporary atelier, a creative laboratory born in 2014 from the will of Antonio Sunseri. Passionate about ceramics, he is constantly looking for new forms, to invent or to discover in the works of the more or less remote past.

From Creativity some of its terracotta collections:
Animal Bowls
A one-of-a-kind majolica bowl, with pop colors and simple shapes, born from an almost childish instinctive vision and from the desire to surround oneself with joy.
Model the heads of the various animals entirely by hand, giving each of them a particular and unique expressiveness. Functional and decorative, the animals are available in three different sizes
and in many colors.

Little Humans
Small terracotta sculptures, coated with acrylic colours, no taller than 25 cm.
Human figures nicely hybridized with zoomorphic or phytomorphic parts. Freaklab’s research approaches the human anatomical figure, male and female, inserting elements of different species so as to form a new whole.
In pairs or singles they are part of a large heterogeneous family to collect
Customizable on request.

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