Exclusive to Creativity the beautiful reliquary boxes.
These are not just boxes; they are even Reliquaries: the lid contains a lock of hair that once belonged to Rapunzel, the core of the poisoned apple that Snow White bit, and the wolf’s tooth that ate Little Red Riding Hood.
Three different boxes made of paper, cardboard, paper mache and decorated by hand; the images were created in collage. Dim: 12 x 12 x 12 cm
Each piece is unique and comes with a fun certificate of authenticity.

Ethel Ortiz and Dolores Gadler are two authors who make paper mache sculptures and paper dioramas created in collages or, as they like to call their work, paper paintings.
Their creations are the result of the process of deconstruction, construction and reconstruction.
They work with paper because it is simple and pure and at the same time it is a reflection of lives, images and thoughts.
Old books, magazine photographs, family letters and old postcards find new life in their creations made with the collage technique.
In their creative practice each element that makes up the collages loses its individual identity to become part of a new collective piece, which is then meticulously hand-cut into many pieces and reassembled layer upon layer.

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