Creativity Oggetti presents Origo’s exclusive preview, Daniela Boni’s sculptural jewelry collection.
A genuine passion for Nature and jewelry pushed Daniela Boni to experiment creating objects featuring a rude, wild and rebellious soul.
Her first collection is named ORIGO: as the Original Start of Life, the Life sparkle, the Beginning of the Universe, the Source.
Through an incessant search and a fascination about the substance and its free variables Daniela Boni instils , using her hands, lots of imagery shapes: In this representation leather turns into the trees’s cortex, the gems into buds , sprouts and shoots, tangled roots,to adorn, praising powerful Mother Earth, glorifying the opposite principles of beauty and hardness.
Every jewel is an exclusive tale of a complex and articulated world, it’s hand-crafted and is a unique and unrepeatable object gifted with strength and energy.

ph Federica Cioccoloni



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