Clara Del Papa – Contemporary Jewels

Flip flop rings and hand jewels are just some of the sculptures that you can comfortably wear made by Clara.
Clara Del Papa was born in Venezuela. Architect, urban planner, interior and garden designer, she grew up and trained in South American artistic and cultural circles. Since the 1990s she has specialized in goldsmith working techniques, studying gemology, embossing, setting, enamels. Symbols and suggestions, tastes and smells, distant landscapes and traditions coexist in his creations, re-imagined in antique silver, gold, bronze which are integrated with resins, earths, sands.

“For Clara del Papa, from Venezuela, the metal corroded by natural agents, such as balsamic vinegar, leads to the imitation in all respects of wooden surfaces and recalls the dense intertwining of branches or even of a nest. The hand-jewel deals with the metamorphosis of the function, from Nature to the human body, in a process of interpenetration of these two worlds. Driven by her Latin American roots, Clara accompanies her research with a touch of magical realism which transposes into poetry an attentive technique and a deep reading of the metal-demiurge relation, where the first lets itself be shaped, yet in return suggests shapes and finishes .”
(from the Materiametamorphosis catalog)

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