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Corrado De Meo- Spilla, Costellazioni Improbabili IV

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Designer: Corrado De Meo

Costellazioni Improbabili IV 
Single piece

Sculpture brooch in polystyrene, acrylic paint, metal, pearls, silver, oxides.

Diameter 11.5 cm
Thickness approx.1.5 cm

The deception of the matter and the poetics of the estrangement.
“The first cognitive act that I do in front of whatever object is the definition of its volumes, is to follow its design in space and to define in its forms exposed to light.
What follows is the desire to harmonize those analyzed forms within their structure in another very complex form as that of the human body. This study commits me so, to compose a fundamental sector of my research that it's fine to give an unexpected lightness to those volumes. Such is to demonstrate that appearance does not allow the reality of existent: the problem of the society in which we live in, unfortunately, is that of not knowing of piking its real values.”
C. De Meo