Boni - Brocade Buds

450,00 €
Ornament, unique piece.

Designer: Daniela Boni

Antique fabric / Thundereggs /leather suede /antique beads.
Weight 79 gr.

 The Geode also known as “Earth Egg, or “thundereggs“ is a fortification agate reminds us that no matter how humble or base something or someone appears, the Gods have provided a hidden beauty for those who will take the time and effort to look.
These stones have been useful in calming the central nervous system, offering a calm and peaceful mind,  great tool for helping with stress and stressful situations.
The thunderegg can be used to decrease anger and hostility, helps to ease stress and aid us in finding joy and peace. 
It helps to stimulate ideas and to give substance and continuity to thought. 
The Geode truly employ the affirmation of “energy follows thought”. This stone shows us that where we place our thoughts, our energy will follow. .
Thunderegg is a Seeker Transformer Crystal, used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of ones life to a more desirable state.
Thundereggs, by their very own surprise insides, teach us how better to look within ourselves and appreciate our own inner light and beauty, which it then prompts us to unleash and share with the world.