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Boni - Cameo

440,00 €
Ornament, unique piece

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Designer: Daniela Boni

Antique fabric /Quartz citrine  mineral stone /leather /antique beads.
Weight 127 gr.

The Citrine Quartz Absorbs Negativity.
Citrine's energy and color are the reasons that this stone is associated with the sun. The stone drives out darkness  and helps to protect against negative people. It also is good for prosperity. Intuition can be increased with this stone and it can help you to discern your inner voice from free-floating anxiety. Because of this, the gem holds energy for very long periods of time and doesn't need to be recharged often.
It's a Manifesting Stone
As a gem that does not absorb or give off negative vibes, citrine harnesses the light, the power of the sun, to help you manifest your goals and remain cheerful. It attracts an abundance and personal power. It stimulates the body's own healing energies.