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Eda  Blue Boro2
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Boni - Eda Blue Boro

380,00 €
Ornament, unique piece.

Designer: Daniela Boni

Soft  blue leather suede , Tibetan  Quartz, Original Japanese fabric.
Weight 95 gr.

Sashiko meaning "little pokes" or "small piercing" is a form of functional embroidery that originated in Japan. It first was used around the Edo era as a way for farmers to mend their worn clothing.
Japanese Boro are a type of Japanese textiles that have been patched together. The term comes from the word "boroboro" which means that something is tattered or repaired. Boro textiles could be stitched or re-woven together, with many layers often added for warmth. Hemp was commonly used, with cotton  making the use of layering a necessity.  Boro came to be known as clothing that was worn by peasants and farmers.
Tibetan Quartz, or Black Tibetan Quartz (alternatively Tibetan Black Quartz)  is a variety of Quartz (silicon dioxide) that usually, but not always, contains black inclusions and forms as double terminated points. It is found in the Himalaya mountains of Tibet and Nepal.
The frequency of Tibetan Quartz connects to all the chakras, activating, aligning and balancing one’s energy centres and energy fields. It cleanses one’s energy fields of negativity, purifying and energizing the whole of one’s being.
The energy of Tibetan Quartz fills one’s energy fields with high vibrational energy so that an energetic, bubble-like “shield of Light” is formed offering one spiritual protection from any negativity.
This variety of Quartz aids one with one’s physical wellbeing.