Daniela Boni - Pink Shaman

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Designer: Daniela Boni

Rock Crystal / Ialino Quartz has always been considered one of the magic minerals par excellence. It brings balance and is a perfect conductor of energy; stimulates the glands and relieves headaches.

Daniela Boni's passion for jewelry and for the natural world is the instinct of experimentation to create ornaments with a strong, wild and rebellious character. His first collection is called ORIGO as the original principle, spark of vital fire, beginning of the Universe, Source. Through continuous exploration and fascination from matter and its free possibilities, Daniela Boni tends to transmit, through the making of hands, imaginative shapes: the skin is therefore transformed into tree bark, roots, lianas, the crystals are sprouts and gems to adorn, honoring Mother Nature, exalting the principle of opposites: crudity and beauty. Each piece of jewelery is like the story of an articulated and complex world, made entirely by hand and is unrepeatable in its strength and energy.