Campi - Woman Hovering

150,00 €

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Designer: Enrica Campi

Porcelain necklace, enamels and adjustable fabric closure.
Unique piece made entirely by hand, therefore never identical;

Poised ... so I feel, I always have to find the balance to not fall.
Balance: in life, in the physical and in the mind. Sometimes it is necessary to take positions: ridiculous, improbable, grotesque, harmonious and sexy ... as long as you don't fall!
Is my work also in the balance between applied arts, artistic craftsmanship, art?
Maybe yes! And since, all things considered, static does not amuse me, I am always artistically poised, with different techniques, new to me.
Ready to find the right balance with paper mache or better "glue paper".
Once I find the balance, I want to try to fall off balance and fall ... who knows!
P.S. of course with a nice trampoline underneath!