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Creativity Young mar/apr 2014

Creativity Oggetti presents “YOUNG”, a new space dedicated to new young talents. Believing strongly in creativity and experimentation we turn to the young to satisfy our curiosity, thus opening privileged opportunities with schools and institutes of art and design. Therefore, we have taken advantage of the collaboration with Paola Volpi, the academic creator and lecturer of the contemporary jewel at IED, Rome. She has nominated the best projects of 2013 from the Istituto Europeo di Design, Rome.

From 5th March to 5th April the drawings, designs and projects of Sara Baldari, Arianna Celentano and Cecilia Luppi will be on display, along with the manufactured jewellery to come from these. In certain cases we have asked the young designers to elaborate a small collection to put on sale at our gallery.

Sara Baldari
Born in Rome in 1991. She completed a diploma at Liceo Artistico Via di Ripetta, Rome, specializing in Architecture and Design. In 2009 she achieved her first experimental creations by attending a goldsmith course at Scuola Arti Ornamentali, Rome. In 2013 she attained a diploma in Jewellery Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design, Rome. At the end of her 3-year period at IED, she presented her thesis project Plasmate, an expression of the maturity reached and the result of new experiments.

Arianna Celentano
Born in Rome in 1991. During her language studies at high school, she started creating jewellery as a hobby. Subsequently she decided to join the faculty of Jewellery Design at IED, Rome. She graduated in 2013 with a project that will be selected by Vogue Talents from 200 postgraduates on a worldwide level.

Cecilia Luppi
Borin in Rome in 1985. After completing a high school diploma, she attended the faculty of historical and artistic sciences at “Sapienza” university, Rome. She suspended her university studies to enrol at IED, Rome, where she graduated in Jewellery Design in 2013. In the three years of study at the Istituto Europeo di Design, her attitude matures and is perfected in the conversion of concepts into concrete forms.


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