Exhibitions 2015 - Creativity Oggetti

Hunting Prohibited
from Sunday, October 4th until Tuesday, December 8th 2015
curated by Creativity Oggetti
Inauguration Sunday October 4th, from16:00 to 19:30

Protagonista di moda-Voce del Verbo Moda
shooting fotografico del 22 ottobre  
presso Creativity Oggetti in via Carlo Alberto 40/f


Creativity Oggetti presents  five new collections, gathered under the ironically sewn label
Hand made - made in Italy

From February 5th until 28th
Creativity Oggetti presents a selection of jewellery created by the winner of the “Creativity Contest” and  photographed by Federica Cioccoloni.

From March 12th to April 30th
Creativity Oggetti presents six collections of jawelery created to conquere the male publics