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Creativity Oggetti present a selection of works from May 13th to 30th

Artistar Jewels is the annual event promoting the contemporary jewel art through global programs. It serves as an international window for famous artists and as a springboard for the emerging ones. Artistar Jewels was founded in 2013 in Milan by the designer Enzo Carbone, the aim of the project is to create new commercial occasions and interesting cultural contaminations. Each year the team selects about 100 international designers to be part of the publication Artistar Jewels, the participants are given public visibility both online and in the real life thank to the several initiatives organized by the group. All the wearable objects are exhibited through a show organized in a prestigious location in Milan. This event is also the occasion to meet possible customers, retailers, journalists, collectionists with whom establishing commercial relations, also obtaining media attention.
The contest Artistar Jewels, that chooses three participants each year, is the unique contest in Italy offering also the opportunity to all the artists to get advantage of the online shop, through which each participant can sell her/his own jewels worldwide. The project also gives the designers the possibility to get an international visibility through the book.


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