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From October 4 rd to November the 10th, 2013 
Creativity Oggetti  is present at the exhibition
TERRENA with some works of Pastore e Bovina


by José Luis Cuevas

Mostra a cura di Daniela Boni
from October 4 rd to November the 10th, 2013 

From november the 8th  to the 10 th an extract of  TERRENA  will be present at The Others,  via Paolo Borsellino 3, Torino


From 5th March to 5th April 

Creativity Oggetti presents “YOUNG”, a new space dedicated to new young talents. Believing strongly in creativity and experimentation we turn to the young to satisfy our curiosity, thus opening privileged opportunities with schools and institutes of art and design. Therefore, we have taken advantage of the collaboration with Paola Volpi

BEAUTIFUL MEN by Marcello Bonfanti
curated by Daniela Boni

With artist jewellery produced for Susanna Maffini’s atelier
Creativity Oggetti
by Seulgi Kwon, Ana Hagopian, Myriam B and Paola Volpi

April 30th – May 31st, 2014
WE MADE FOR LOVE, Via Lodi 25, Turin Opening: April 30th 2014, at 6.30 pm 

Creativity Contest    –    The posing jewel
By Creativity Oggetti and Susanna Maffini
From October 3rd to November 15th 2014

Dal 18 aprile al 25 maggio 2013

Nelle vetrine di Creativity Oggetti " fe Baboja" *

insetti provenienti da tutt'Italia.....

On the occasion of the "National Day of the Cat", celebrated every year on February 17th, for the first time the well-established Artegatto Artefatto show from Faenza will be held for its 8th edition at Torino’s CreativityOggetti.
The following artists will exhibit their scratching works: Enrica Campi, Minikami, Massimo Voghera, Mirta Morigi, Maria Luisa Tribolo.

September 14th-29th, 2012 

“Nullus locus sine genio (There is no place without spirit)” – Servius, Comment to Aeneid (5,95)