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...int that moment the Nautilus inclined planes leads us under a great depth...

20.000 Leagues Under the Sea
Jules Verne

Alice in front of the mirror doesn't know where to go, she wants only run away.
In front of her there is the empty space she has to fill, behind monsters she already call by name.
It's too late, maybe it is the end.
She throw herself, she brakes herself, she doesn't know if she is breathing.
She arrives into a world she only hoped, in her's hands only pieces of glass, diamonds over the mirror.
She feels happy, she doesn't want to come back. She has magic of ideas and she use it to twist necklace.
She sculpt for days jewels she always wear.
But those make her weighty, that's not the empty space she wanted to fill.
She drag herself in front of the mirror, it seems one of those monsters she escaped.
It's too late, maybe it is the end, she throw herself, she comes back, everything is broken.
Thousand colors pieces of glass are coming out of the blue, in her's hands only pieces of ideas, materials and magic.
Precious for everyone, on this side of the mirror.

The showroom in Via Mazzini presents ceramic collections, made in some workshops of Faenza, designed by Elica (Pastore e Bovina).

All the objects showed in this occasion, have Fata in Faenza brand.

This mark, designed by Elica and registered by Confartigianato, is ispired by the ceramics production in Faenza on '500, when the craftsmen omitted their sign, but they applied territory-membership mark, Faenza, which became logo of a typical characteristic, is still unique worldwide.
Il progetto derivato da questo marchio sottintende la creazione di una Manifattura Virtuale, costituita da tutte le botteghe faentine, e opera su progetti appositamente studiati per essere trasformati e interpretati dai ceramisti con le tecniche in uso oggi a Faenza.


The project, born by this brand imply the origination of a Virtual Manufacture, is costituited by all workshops of Faenza and works on purpose studied projects to be transformed and interpreted by the ceramists, with the techniques used today in Faenza.

Creativity exhibit ceramics of:
Lea Emiliani, Carla Lega, Antonietta Mazzotti, Vittoria Monti, Mirta Morigi, Monica Ortelli, Roberta Padovani, Susanna Vassura, Ivana e Saura Vignoli