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Il 10 novembre 2012

Creativity Oggetti è presente alla serata IN BIANCO E NERO

presso LABLOFT 



Da maggio a luglio 2012

CreativityOggetti presenta la collaborazione tra le due designer Lorenza Nardi e Valentina Laganà

Dal 5 marzo al 30 aprile 2012

For one night only, Creativity takes the stand for its ten-year anniversary

Creativity is a Turin based shop space that presents unique design pieces by young and emerging Italian designers. Founded by Susanna Maffini, the space specialises in contemporary cutting-edge applied arts and jewellery. 2011 marks ten years since the space opened for the first time and Maffini has designed a special event, for one night only, to showcase one-off custom made pieces by her designers. The event, which will take place on 6 October, will be held at LaBloft, a new venue for one-events and launches situated in a rapidly developing ex-industrial part of the city.    

Turin has enjoyed a long relationship with cutting-edge design and international events such as “Artigiano Metropolitano” in 2002, and more recently has seen the launch of the spectacular OGR, a new exhibition venue, which is currently presenting a large-scale exhibition entitled “Il futuro nelle mani. Artieri domain (The future is in their hands. Tomorrow’s Artisans)”, especially organised for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. It is within this context that Susanna Maffini has decided to stage a one-off exhibition featuring the new generation of designers. Susanna has already made a name for herself, investing in annual themed events, as an alternative way of presenting the new collections, forming a bridge between the arts and the marketplace. This year’s event, entitled, Retroverso, will feature an eclectic series of special hand-made items, all of which can both be admired and ‘worn’. The idea behind the event is to present a sort of ‘taste of things to come’ as each designer has created something taking inspiration from their new Autumn / Winter collections, which will be on display and on sale at Creativity shortly after. The October event showcases museum-like sculptural bodices and jewellery items, all of which have the character of a living installation, to be worn or hung. Among the selection of designers featured in the show are: Milena Altini, Silvia Beccaria, Elica, Mirta Morigi, Lucia-Lupan and Debs Wrekon from the renowned Mutoid Waste Company (born in London during the punk era), whose work can also currently be seen at the OGR exhibition.

The title Retroverso was inspired by the words themselves, Retro – in the true meaning of the word reflects the history of design and old age techniques for working with ceramics, weaving, metals and glass  – and Verso – as in its meaning of ‘turn around’ or ‘towards’ reflecting innovation and the future seen in the more contemporary designs, pushing the boundaries of classic design into a completely new era where jewellery items have endless flexibility, design objects destined not only to be worn but also displayed in the home.   

The one-off evening event organised by Creativity aims to show just how flexible contemporary design can be and will feature a selection of sculpture-corsets and installation-costumes created by up and coming designers such as Silvia Beccaria, Elica, Ana Hagopian, Lucia-Lupan and Debs Wrekon of the Mutoid Waste Company.

To complete the special ‘evening wear’ section, a series of armoury style bodices and macro jewellery pieces will be presented by Milena Altini-Milla, Filippo Armenise, Enrica Campi, Cristina D’Alberto + Andrea Kotliarsky, Maria Diana, Minikami, Valentina Laganà, Luvart, Scar, Marina and Susanna Sent and Elena Valenti.

Retroverso will also include two ceramists introduced by Susanna Maffini: Mirta Morigi and Luisa Tribolo, who will display designs that plummet ceramics into the 21st century and beyond; Another young designer, Elena Valenti will blow visitors away with her pulsating floor length ‘vinyl dress’ and oversized hats; the macro necklaces of Valentina Laganà, a silicone ruff designed by Silvia Beccaria, a ceramic bodice by Elica along with many others… an evening event where visitors will be encouraged to touch and wear – and be photographed in – all the pieces on display.

The event serves as a ‘taster’ for the new A/W collections, on sale at Creativity from end of October onwards.

Creativity has an ample website, cataloguing each designer and his or her collections and their ‘online shop’ will be active from March 2012.

From 28th april to 30th june
Creativity sew, ironically, the label "fatto a mano - made in italy" on six new collections.

 Dal 10 al 25 febbraio 2011

Si accendono ironicamente le luci rosse sulle vetrine di Creativity Oggetti


From May 15 to August 29 , the CreativityOggetti space presents the Bestiary themed event involving 12 artists and authors of the textiles and glass ceramic artisans offering their interpretation of the animal world.

Elisabetta Bovina and Carlo Pastore have been working  in art and design for over a decade.

Besides producing their own line of furnitures, jewels, sculptures and interior design items, using every raw material, from glass to wood to ceramics, they work for many firms, both ceramics and not, creating decors and design objects.

Theyoften launch their creations during living performances revolving on various forms of arts such as music, poetry and fashion.

They created exhibitions and installations in Italy and abroad.