Eda Beige Asanoha2
Eda Beige Asanoha2
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Boni - Eda Beige Asanoha

400,00 €
Ornament, unique piece
Designer: Daniela Boni

Eda Beige Asanoha.   

Soft  beige leather , Tibetan  Quartz, Original Japanese fabric.
Weight 95 gr.

 Asanoha is a pattern representing hemp leaves. Hemp has strong vitality and grows vigorously without the need for a lot of care, so this pattern was often used on babies’ and children’s kimonos with the hope that they would grow up big and strong.

Tibetan Quartz, or Black Tibetan Quartz (alternatively Tibetan Black Quartz)  is a variety of Quartz (silicon dioxide) that usually, but not always, contains black inclusions and forms as double terminated points. It is found in the Himalaya mountains of Tibet and Nepal.

The frequency of Tibetan Quartz connects to all the chakras, activating, aligning and balancing one’s energy centres and energy fields. It cleanses one’s energy fields of negativity, purifying and energizing the whole of one’s being.

The energy of Tibetan Quartz fills one’s energy fields with high vibrational energy so that an energetic, bubble-like “shield of Light” is formed offering one spiritual protection from any negativity.