green OPHELIA27

Boni - Ophelia

360,00 €

Designer: Daniela Boni

Soft leather suede , fossil wood .
Weight: 82 gr.

The origin of petrified trees is established at around 225 million years ago.
The literal translation of petrified wood is ‘wood turned into stone’ as it takes its name from the Greek petro, meaning ‘stone’. 
The fossil wood  were revered in the past as they were thought to contain the knowledge from the tree that they were created from.
Petrified Wood is a stone of perseverance and spiritual transformation. Just as the original wood was transformed to stoned.
This wood grants you access to deep serenity,  restoring your spontaneity. With this petrified wood, you will reach a high level of wisdom and courage, and you will radiate naturally on a daily basis.