Jewels on the Table

For the twentieth anniversary of Creativity
from October 28tha new collection on the table Table

Unique creations of the Italo-Venezuelan artist Clara Del Papa>>, whose new collection blends her profession as an architect and goldsmith experience. A natural transition from jewelery for the body to jewelery for the home, which transforms the art of serving at the table into a precious and unrepeatable moment of conviviality.

This is how the “jewel cutlery” was born, exclusive sculptural pieces that furnish the space with organic and poetic shapes. Silver and brass with natural finishes which, enriched with pearls, enamels and stones, prove to be worthy heirs of her jewels.

A preciousness of materials that corresponds to the value of the ideas underlying this project; facets of the soul that aim to touch the deepest chords of our being.

“Cucchiaine e Forchettini”, are just some of the tastings that are part of the new collection dedicated to Living and the art of serving on the table.

Director of photography: Federica Cioccoloni
Event graphics: Barbara Sales graphic & videodesigner

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