Sculpture to wear
the “Architectural Organisms”
brooches on display at Creativity from April 14th

Nicole Schuster  is inspired by the relationship between architecture and nature, between geometric constructions and organic forms, paying particular attention to growth and change.
As a 21st century goldsmith, she combines craftsmanship with the use of instruments of virtual creation as enriching elements for developing complex forms and materials.

“In my work both deliberate formations and the inherent flow of nature are utilized to render symbiotic landscapes. Organic elements sprouting from lifeless shapes and constructions are often found in my pieces; this interaction is the core of my creative drive.”

The contemporary jewel were shot in the beautiful setting of Parco Dora   among  the post-industrial architecture characteristic of the Turin park.
This park  could be confused with Berlin or a New York suburb.
More like a huge open-air artistic installation than a real park, Parco Dora is located in the area of ​​Spina 3, a place where the large production plants of Fiat and Michelin stood up until the 1990s.
The pylons of the ironworks rise imposing in the green areas, replacing the trees and creating this very suggestive but above all photogenic mix of industrial and natural!

Director of photography: Federica Cioccoloni
Event graphics: Barbara Sales graphic & videodesigner

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