Arcolaio – Blankets, bath towels

Sinaptica Collection in Cotton – Wool and Cotton – Linen. Fantasy
Inspired by traditional Abruzzese blankets, SINAPTICA is a tactile surface that intertwines experiences and places, macro and micro to connect all those who intercept its presence.
We have imagined to pass on the story read by our eyes, because in this way we know how to do it.
We have enclosed the tactile and visual experience in a surface that tells our evolution.
Made with different raw materials, all sustainable, SINAPTICA connects to the search for identity in a globalized world, through a modern architecture of warps and wefts that tells the lightness of uncertainty and questions the solidity of the weave of the Abruzzese Jacquard fabric.
Sensory surface to touch, see, feel … an invitation to reconnect lost senses and fragmented experiences.

Zefiro  cotton and linen collection. Tinta unita double-face
Unit Zefiro is a collection 50% linen 50% cotton, natural fibers that return a fabric that is delicate on the skin and soft to the touch.
Impalpable solid  color fabrics useful as bed covers, towels, sofa covers, table furniture.
A versatile and elegant piece of furniture that can be transformed into a gift idea.

Italian Textile Art Spinning Wheeling, a company  founded in 1958 by Francesco Perticara.
The foundations he built are, today, the way of the third generation.

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