Mirta Morigi – Ceramics

Ceramic sculptures

The exuberant ceramics that characterize the Bottega Morigi production are the result of a creative and playful atmosphere, where shared feelings and emotions,the desire or even need to produce, push Mirta and the talented Morigi Girls; Edda, Serena, Erika, and Gaia whit Sergio Soli to create precious,unique pieces of absolute originality.
These Objects were born to be part of the domestic landscapes to which they correspond, not in terms of functionality or aesthetics, but in terms of their highest immaterial value.
They reveal the pathos with which they were designed, the skill with which they were made, and the stories, the memories and emotions contained within them emerge as poetry.  (Elisa Gradi)

Mirta’s ceramic is pop, easily recognizable and unforgettable for its glazes which tend to always be very lively and pure, dense and vibrant, able  with their brightness to change the perception of the forms themselves.
For the sculptural compositions, Mirta was inspired by a particular naturalistic bestiary with a predilection  for reptiles and amphibians: lizards, chameleons, geki and tree frogs that become handles, real handles, or  climb upset shapes with the pride of prehistoric creatures.
You will see frogs emerge from the edge of a bowl, wink and,  why not, smile.

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