Ksenia Vokhmentseva – Contemporary Jewels

Handcrafted recycled copper

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt “The theme of this collection stems from my recent personal experience: as I started working on my new pieces and reflecting on what I wanted to express, I discovered that my mother had been diagnosed with cancer. I was so deeply pained and my thoughts were totally captured, and in a moment I felt that I have to convert this sad energy into the new form, into the new existence.I believe that everything that happens to us during our life is not just a coincidence, and even a terrible disease is also an occasion to discover a new power inside our soul, to build a new relationship with reality. Yes, this collection is far from being playful and light, each piece holds a lot of pain inside, but at the same time it brings with it a willpower human, which allows you to live inspired by pain. And, sometimes, it doesn’t hurt, but it gives the possibility to find a new life inside!”

ph Valerie Bogomolova

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