Rita Soto – Contemporary Jewels

Sculpture   created by the Chilean author  Rita Soto.
Hand-woven horsehair, Tampico fiber, silver and steel

“Jewellery as the expression of one’s cultural world is also the creative horizon for Rita Soto, Chilean, who in her works combines contemporary suggestions to the recovery of her country’s traditional artisan knowledge, using the technique of weaving horsehair, from which she experiences both resistance and fragilty. The series of brooches titled “Visceral Realism” presents organic forms of brilliant imagination that recall the body, yet also organisms in continuous transformation. Realities that seem to shrink and expand thanks to the wise use  of weaving: the biological matrix of her research is subtly developed also thanks to a clever chromatic choice, so that her creations adhere to a dimension of verisimilitude, to realistic metamorphoses of a Nature, possible but to us yet unknown”

(from the Materiametamorphosis catalog)

The Chilean author takes part in the group exhibition MATERIAMETAMORPHOSIS >>

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