Satomi Kawai – Contemporary Jewels

” My home is my body. My body is connected to nature. As I observe life and nature, I see moments I want to capture in my art. These moments become jewelry pieces, and they can be shared when the jewelry pieces are worn. Ultimately the wearer is reconnected to nature.”

“…A sensitivity that also distinguishes the work of Satomi Kawai: for this author the transition between Nature (macro-dimension) and human body (micro-dimension) is essential in her research, which also includes performative acts. Her jewels are the clear expression of this metamorphosis, involving materials but also some important psychological aspects, such as having changed country, from Japan to the United States, and having had to live with two identities. Nature proved to be the key to a newfound personal balance, as well as for the relationship with her body. The organic-biomorphic character of her jewels is not surprising (as is the profoundly evocative title of the necklace displayed: “Place for myself”), inspired by an immersive relationship with Nature itself, of which she imitates materials through resins and silver.”

(from the Materiametamorphosis catalog)

The Giapanise author takes part in the group exhibition curated by Creativity Oggetti

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