Véronique Torgue

Véronique Torgue was born in France in 1968 where she studied painting and photography at the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux Arts de Lyon.
He has lived in Turin since the nineties, where he worked in restoration and decoration and finally dedicated himself today mainly to an artistic path.

His poetics are dedicated to forms of cognitive and emotional experiences. Work on what is there and what is missing, on the full and empty spaces, on what needs to be repaired or highlighted.

Use gold leaf to underline, reveal, give new life, with both ephemeral and permanent gilding. It gives light to the scars created by life experiences, recomposing and enhancing their ruptures.

His work with gold leaf began with street art interventions more than ten years ago, starting from the collection of disused and abandoned cobblestones in the city. These porphyries were covered in gold leaf and reintegrated into the gaps in the urban pavement, as if they were precious and ephemeral tiles of a large mosaic.
This work inspired the “My Little Porfido” jewelry collection, a fragment of the city of Turin to wear.

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