Yoko Takirai’s jewels are the expression of new concepts of space. A plurality of paths animate its jewels and therefore often hide something unexpected. Necklaces, rings, earrings, both in three-dimensional and linear shapes, express movement and an unexpected emotion until you wear them. Sometimes enigmatic in their shapes, her jewels are revealed in the moment of encounter with the body, revealing an extremely feminine lightness, elegance and sinuosity. And this despite the geometric lines used in some collections. His research manages to arrive at pure shapes and harmonize elegance and comfort. Finely elaborated objects pursued thanks to a determined dedication to laboratory research of which he possesses the technical mastery that allows him to transfer an emotion filtered by movements and whose simple and clean shapes remain without anything too much. Certainly finely crafted, these jewels, in a serene – successful attempt – reach a state of purity and rise in quality.

Silver, gold-plated silver, steel.

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