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Fairy box


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Product Information

Ceramic box with a Fairy sitting on the lid…
The satin enamel reveals the natural color of the red earth with which the pieces are made entirely by hand. The Fairies have colored details with enamel or oxides.
The pieces are available in two sizes:
Black box diameter 13 cm, height 20 cm approximately including the Fairy
Red box diameter 13 cm, height approximately 23 cm including the Fairy
Any small imperfections are the characteristic of the handcrafted piece.

Elizabeth’s fairies are slender women with the head of water lilies, leaning on the lid of a box.
Literature tells that the first fairies appeared in the Middle Ages to remember the ancient nymphs, bewitching women of the forest dedicated to love. While a popular tradition, widespread in the countryside influenced by Celtic culture, claims that fairies are magical beings led out of paradise by Lucifer, beings destined to inhabit the earth. The fallen angels on the basis of the place of their landing have taken on the main characteristics of the place itself.

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Fairy box

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Fairy box

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