Ylenia Deriu

Ylenia Deriu is a jewelry and accessories designer. His work is characterized by the constant search for a formal synthesis of the morphological complexity of nature. He has a passion for brass, wood, fabric and anything that can be shaped, cut, sewn or welded.

Cabinet of curiosities is a collection of jewels inspired by the Wunderkammer, the collections of natural history objects, artefacts and curiosities from all over the world, in vogue from the 16th to the 18th century. These naturalia and artificialia collections were placed in cabinets and display cases as if in actual private museum exhibitions. The jewelery collection reflects on the subjective and distorted interpretation of Nature given by a narrow representation, focused on the search for the extra ordinary rather than on scientific analysis. This collection is a free association of natural forms combined with artificial forms. Darning eggs and lace wood spindles are painted with neon colors and studded with natural stones and oxidized brass inserts, thus mimicking an imagined, magical, esoteric, almost alien nature.

Creativity Oggetti has selected Ylenia Deriu at the Venice Design Week 2023.

Brooch: rhodochrosite jade, beech wood, oxidized brass,
stainless steel.
Necklace 1: rhodochrosite jade, beech wood, fir wood, bamboo
wood, oxidized brass, polyester thread.
Necklace 2: rhodochrosite jade, beech wood, oxidized brass,
polyester thread.
Necklace 3: peridot jade, beech wood, fir wood, oxidized brass,
polyester thread.

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