Lucia Carpentieri

Lucia Carpentieri’s work is characterized by intelligent interrelations with different traditions of the arts: for example, her refined black and white tessellations certainly derive from a reinterpretation of the geometric styles of Greek and Etruscan ceramics, of the extraordinary bichromatic variations of certain historic riggiòle but also by Mesoamerican decorations, and by sophisticated Central European textures which in the very first years of the 1900s document, in ceramics before in painting, the conscious adoption of an abstract-geometric language, and all this up to the screens and perceptive vibrations which refer to the interest in Escher’s vertigo – illustrious visitor to the Amalfi Coast – and in the “special effects” of optical-kinetic art.
(Enzo Biffi Gentili)
Lucia works in Vietri sul Mare in her Zuma Ceramiche atelier.

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